Sketches and Ideas

Face and colour references for character NutmegNutmeg_ColourNutmeg_face_ref

Face and colour reference for character MeganMegan_ColourMegan_Face_ref

Body reference for main character, Liz.Liz_body_ref

A couple attempts at character design. Because I am working in colour on coloured paper and then keying out the background, I have to be very careful with what colours I use. In the second image I used a light blue in some of the character details that was too close to the light green background. It shows up as transparent lines. In the first image, you can see I have a better idea of what colours I can use on the green background without loosing details. 

I have been unsure of how I wanted to approach the film stylistically, and was struggling to find a digital style that I felt fit the story. Nothing really worked. In my head the film needed texture, and the simulated digital versions or real world textures felt wrong for the story. But I think I’ve stumbled onto an approach I feel enthusiastic about. I played around here with mixed media (Acrylic paint, oil pastel, pencil crayon) on brightly coloured paper (Which I was able to buy in reems of 500). I then keyed out the back ground colour, like I would a green screen and then composited elements digitally.

Character ideas for Cat and Lady

The one thing I know for sure about this film is that it is about a forest on an escarpment. The edge of the forest comes right up against the backyards of a quiet neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is normal. Once you pass through the threshhold of the forest, anything can happen, sometimes bad things. The forest is the pivotal mechanism.