Work In Progress

Within my VERY messy desk space I’m working on the rough animation for a scene where the main character closes a window. I start with the Keyframes and then scan them and time them out on TVPaint. After that, I make timing charts like the one below for my inbetweens, and then get into the rough animation (with the help of Arnold, my cat).

I used bright green card stock paper, which I bought in bulk. I was then able to animate with oil pastel, pencil crayon and even limited paints without warping the heavier paper. The green background can then be easily keyed out and the animation composited digitally on After Effects.


Once the animation and backgrounds were done and roughly composited in After Effects, I went in for a refined composit. I fixed areas where the keying didn’t work well (leaving big transparent areas), reframed shots, corrected the colour and softened the edges of the animated components so they would fit with the background.