Director’s Statement

I am an animated film maker finishing my degree in Film Animation from Concordia, with a background in Studio Arts, which I studied at McMaster University. For my graduate project, I chose to create a narrative film called “The Shifting Dark” in the genre of magical realism. I was able to use my skills with traditional media to make a film that felt textured, painterly, and alive. I used a combination of oil pastels, pencil crayons, acrylic, and watercolour. 

When audiences watch “The Shifting Dark”, I want them to feel as though they are seeing a small glimpse into a potentially larger mystery. I hope the film will excite the viewer’s imagination and get them to wonder and create their own ideas about the world.

Creating this film was an opportunity to play and experiment with the combination of traditional and digital media. I wanted to make the film feel as traditional as possible, while making the work easy and convenient whenever possible with animating software. I was able to create a workflow that was comparable in speed and ease to fully digital animation, and I hope to improve on some of the techniques I put together on future film projects.